Gloyn Byw is a small North Wales based company specialising in creating unique pieces of handmade jewellery on sterling silver findings and entomology art in the form of home decor. Gloyn Byw's aim is to capture the natural beauty of the worlds butterflies and other insects for all to appreciate and admire through the medium of fashionable jewellery and entomology frames, and promote insect conservation internationally.

Mae Gloyn Byw yn fusnes bach wedi ei leoli yng Ngogledd Cymru, sydd yn arbenigo mewn creu darnau gemwaith unigryw â llaw a celf entomoleg ar ffurf addurn i'r cartref. Y nod gan Gloyn Byw yw adlewyrchu harddwch naturiol y gloyn byw a thrychfilod eraill o gwmpas y byd, fel caiff pawb eu gwerthfawrogi ac eu hedmygu trwy gyfrwg gemwaith ffasiynol a fframiau entomoleg a hefyd i ehangu cadwriaeth fyd- eang.


Most of our Butterflies and Insects are farm raised on small local farms located all over the world. This helps to preserve valuable rainforest habitat. It gives local people income, and helps preserve their tropical forests. Another side effect of Butterfly farming has been “Eco-tourism”, which further preserves valuable habitat.

No butterflies or insects used in these displays are endangered species. All are legally imported into the UK.

This makes our butterfly displays the perfect environmentally friendly gift for teachers, scientists, private collectors, and anyone who appreciates the amazing beauty and diversity of Butterflies and Insects.

Here at Gloyn Byw we strive to source our animal pieces with as much background knowledge as possible. We try to only work with suppliers who collect animals that have died naturally in the wild. Many of our skulls and skeletons are found in the countryside and have died from such natural causes as; being killed by a predator, illness, old age, still born or birth complications.

How we do it.

1. The butterflies are shipped to us folded up and dried in small envelopes.

2. We then have to place them into a special softening solution for several days so they can be handled without breakage

3. After the Butterflies are soft, they can be handled with tweezers only. Any touch to their wing could cause damage to their colour by removing the fragile colour scales that cover the wings. The Butterflies need to be mounted on boards allowing them to dry in the final position.


Conservation is an integral part of the Gloyn Byw ethic. Although my jewellery is made from insects, I understand the importance of conservation and preservation of these species. All of my butterflies have been collected from various conservation sites around the world, and have lived a full, natural life in a comfortable habitat.

No insects have been harmed in the production of my jewellery.

I have an enormous appreciation of insects and animals alike, not only for their beauty but also their huge importance in the ecosystem this is why I support the UK british Butterfly Organisation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sion Michael Jones
Gloyn Byw Handmade
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